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A pink rose with a special guest!



There is often little guests in my flowers when I`m taking photos of them. Sometimes it´s OK but other times I think it´s very annoying. What do you think about it? 

Today´s Flowers #111 

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My World Tuesday, a grasshopper outside the house!

Anyone who knows what kind of grasshopper I have found? Could it be a longhorned (green) grasshopper/vårtbitare?



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Stag beetle/ Ekoxe is Blekinge´s province animal and this one is a female!



Ekoxen är frildlyst i hela landet och är också Blekinges landskapsdjur. Hannen kan bli upp till 8,5 cm lång och är Europas största insekt. De flyger i skymningen, sökande efter honor. Hannarna dras till honorna som ofta sitter på ekar där saven sipprar ut och slåss om honorna genom att fäkta med sina väldiga käkar.  Honan är ungefär hälften så stor (omkring 4 centimeter) och har mycket mindre käkar. Den jag fotade i trädgården igår kväll var en hona. 

Stag beetle is under protection throughout the country and is also Blekinge´s county animal. Males can grow up to 8.5 cm long and is Europe’s largest insect. They fly at dusk, searching for females. Males are attracted to females who are often sitting on the oak trees where the sap seeps out and fighting for females by the fence with his mighty jaws. Females are about half as large (about 4 cm) and has much less chaps. The one I shot in the garden last night was a female. 

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