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More signs of spring in Blekinge!



Knob on a chestnut/kastanj tree ( and the tree is grown from a chestnut from Champs-Elysées in Paris). 


This knob is on a bush I don´t know what it is, can someone help me on that? 


The last one is from my lilac/syren. 

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Fototriss #92, Theme is: This is how it looks where I am today!



This is a view over Matviks Hamn outside Karlshamn in Blekinge,

and it´s from April, 22.  


The buds are already showing in the lilacs in my garden. I took this photo yesterday.  


We have a returning guest every year in our garden. It´s a pheasant who´s running around to find a “girlfriend” ! I caught him with my camera yesterday morning.  

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