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Moonlight and shadows in my garden!

When I saw the moonlight a night in december I just had to get my camera to catch it, the light in the snow was very special. It was difficult to do it justice in the photo, I´m an amateur you know….There´s also shadows in the snow and they are great for Shadow Shot Sunday. You can see mor shadows here:

All photos, In the night, Moonlight, Nature, Outdoor Wednesday

Moonlight behind the tree!


The moon lights up the night behind the tree. I shot this one from an open window in my house, I was going to bed when I saw this exciting theme. So I had to get the camera and the tripod and shoot it.

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Onsdagstema #3, Garanterat


I guarantee if you light a candle so you will feel peace in your mind.


You will also help to save energy and it is good for our world.
(Jag garanterar att om du tänder  ett ljus så kommer du att känna frid i ditt sinne.
Du bidrar också till att spara energi och det är bra för vår värld.)
There is more of guarantees here: