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Todays Flowers #92, Mellow Yellow Monday #68



Gemsrot or Vårkrage (Doronicum orientale) 

I have these flowers in my garden and they are blooming now! 

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24 thoughts on “Todays Flowers #92, Mellow Yellow Monday #68”

  1. Lovely picture..
    The plant is known in Canada under the Name Leopard’s Bane. A lovely perennial and grows in our garden too.
    Your cat Bamse looks like our Maximus!!
    Kram Gisela.

  2. Tina a burst of sunshine in this flower!We need sunshine here in my world!
    Today is Mother’s Day so the sun shines in my heart!
    Have a wonderful Mother’s Day.

  3. it is hard to believe that something this striking is growing right under your nose! the camera you are using must be unbelievable because this shot was, too!
    thanks so much for stopping by to visit 😉

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