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Ruby Tuesday, A little red mailbox!


Here you can check out more photos in red: 



7 thoughts on “Ruby Tuesday, A little red mailbox!”

  1. What a great post & great blog. I’ll be popping back to have another read through!
    Happy Ruby Tuesday – and look forward to *seeing* you again next time!
    Mine’s HERE!


  2. Oh, that’s a nice picture. I wish I could come up with angles like that. I’m far too tradidional, I think. I wonder the same thing as the previous poster; is that private or official? The official ones here in Norway are red. But not pretty like that. Hehe.

    For some reason this pic reminds me of my childhood. Maybe cause I used to play around on my street even when it was rainy. That’s mostly when you see wet mailboxes I guess. Unless you’re getting the mail…

  3. The raindrops fall onto the box and scatter. The red is wonderful, a bright ruby that attracts us to this mail box – and reminds us that we have things to mail. We know then where to go…

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