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Shadow Shot Sunday #4

I could see my flowers in the shadows on the sofa! If you want more shadows visit Hey Harriet.

16 thoughts on “Shadow Shot Sunday #4”

  1. Thanks for dropping by, You have a great one too!

    I been a follower of Tracy’s SSS since from the start and my way of sharing my shots is my every Saturday chasing shadows shots.

    Enyoyable, isn’t it?

    Have a great SS..

  2. Tina is that a “peace lily” I see on your sofa ? LOL
    The shadows are beautiful .. like a work of art painted on the leather : )

  3. The plant shadows show us a strong sun, the Swedish Winter departing for the Spring. The indoor plants will benefit too, they can grow taller while inside. Lovely!

  4. I love this shadow and the edges are nicely defined! I’m glad you spied it! Looking for shadows is kinda like an “I Spy” game. Thank you for visiting my first shadow post today, I appreciate it! Joan

  5. Fantastic shots for the sunday shadow images. Can’t think what the plant is called but l have one the same. It is the one on the right of the leave flower with white flower…am l right?hax

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