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Shadow Shot Sunday nr 1, my pansy´s outside the kitchen window!

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16 thoughts on “Shadow Shot Sunday nr 1, my pansy´s outside the kitchen window!”

  1. The beauty here is the range of lighting, from the sun adding a shine to the flowers while adding a fine shadow from the planter. The stone steps are beautiful, too. Such a great view from your kitchen!

  2. Hi Tina ! thanks for dropping by my blog and wow ! you have some gorgeous pansies there and I really like the container too !
    Are you a member of Blotanical for the garden side of your hobbies ?
    You might enjoy seeing blogs over there as well.
    Thanks again for the visit !
    PS .. I can’t wait to get some pansies soon too ! : )

  3. Tina , Your flowers are beautiful! I like the show of stone in this Shadow Shot. Nice contrast. Just love all the flowers on your sidebar too. Have a great weekend.

  4. Hi Tina! What a beautiful shot and what a lovely place you have here! So nice stopping by for a visit! Thank you for leaving your comment on my blog ~ nice to meet you!
    Kindly, ldh

  5. The pansies look so lovely and bright in that delightful container! The touch of shadow suggests you have gentle sunshine! Beautiful!

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